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Mission & Vision

Our aim is to exceed expectations in terms of value-for-money service delivery, maximization of savings potential and support to the network in terms of reliability and sustainability. Amongst our unique business differentiators is our ability to integrate our services and provide a dynamic interaction that brings tangible, sustainable benefits to our customers. We offer a unique integrated solution to Facilities Management service provision. It is the in-depth strength of our individual service offering that reinforces our service delivery model.

Our business-led approach ensures a performance-driven, motivated, professional workforce supported by end-to-end business processes and a system that creates a knowledge-based culture within the organization. Today, we are winning through our people - making customer satisfaction a reality - and securing long-term business in future. Through leadership direction, and the diversity of skills and expertise of our people and association, we have a vision to place ourselves as a distinct market-leader as a provider of world-class services.

Looking Beyond

With the implementation of the new economic reforms, liberalization of the markets and mega projects by the Saudi Government, we face exciting and new challenges in this new golden era of unprecedented growth. Business opportunities are in abundance and each opportunity will present unique challenges, requiring individual attention and SSFIT. As such, we acknowledge that every Customer is a crucial member of our team. From the past experience, we draw useful principles and examples. From the present, we harness new technologies to formulate innovative solutions, all to suit the particular needs of each client and project. We will build upon our existing core competencies by developing new specialized products and services to become the preferred one-stop supplier and services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing innovative solutions to meet our client's demands and varied needs.


To develop, manage and operate a company with the best practices to serve the needs to the ultimate satisfaction of the client by preserving the environment and high regards to health, safety and quality.


To be recognized as a leading provider of specialized services and products across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & other GCC countries by strategically partnering with world class companies with best practices of industry.


When we commit, we fulfil. We care and listen to our esteemed Customers by giving our continuous and total attention, prompt responsiveness, commitment to promote growth towards mutual benefits and interest including respecting, protecting and upholding of our esteemed Customers’ distinguished namesakes, work ethics and policies. Also, we maintain and uphold our proven creditability, integrity, professionalism and reliability. Whatever your needs or problems are, call or contact us, we will give our best effort to provide the solution.